Port Is Placed And Ready For Treatment. Or So We Thought…

My’isha got her port placed this Tuesday. We are not new to this procedure at all. This is her second port, but she has been though at least 5 central line surgeries. The problem we came into this procedure with was a runny nose. That runny nose was the beginning of trouble for us.

She went back for her procedure as normal. I notified everyone I talked to about her runny nose before the procedure began. We went for the procedure as normal. The first call I received was to ask if they should leave the port accessed, to which I answered no if they were able to pull labs. Her daddy and I had to go up for training, so my mom stayed and waited for the nurses to bring her back once My’isha was awake enough to leave.
The last time she had anesthesia, it took a little longer than normal for her to wake. So when it took a little longer this time, we figured it was again, due to the length of time she was asleep. My mom called to tell me that they had to do a chest x-ray on My’isha while she was back in the OR.

When we finished our training and I finished meeting with the doctors, I went down to meet my mom and My’isha in recovery. They were still monitoring her breathing at the time. I looked at her new port site, and it looked fine except a little oozing. While we waited, the nurse introduced us to the pinwheel lung exercise. All she has to do is blow it. It worked GREAT! Her oxygen levels began to come up, but the port site looked like it was still slightly oozing. I requested to have someone come take a look at the site. The blood on the dressing and still oozing made me a little nervous, and I didn’t want to make it down to the Springs, just to have to come back for something that we could have had resolved while we were still there.

Asking for something after her port was placed. Purple popsicle? DONE

The dr that came to see her, pressed on the dressing to see if there was blood coming out of the , which it didn’t. The site looked good other than that, so we assumed it bled a little and finally stopped. So once she was clear to go home, that’s just what we did. It was a long day starting with a meeting at 7am after an hour and a half drive to the hospital.

2/9/2016 sitting up
She is just about ready to head home after port placement surgery.

We drove over an hour home through traffic. We dropped my mom off at her house and picked up my 2 youngest boys from her house. We went home, ate some food, and were trying to relax and wind down the day. Then, my mom called to check on sissy. She asked if she had a fever because she felt warm to her when we left. I hadn’t checked her temperature, because she was acting like her normal tired self. I was tired and ready for bed. Something told me to go ahead and check it, and sure enough, she was runnin a light fever. We checked numerous times, and it seemed to just keep getting higher. Once her temperature hit 101, I made the call and started packing our bags. It was off to Denver we went to get cultures drawn from the new port she just got that day. I didn’t want to go. None of us wanted us to go, but, we follow procedure and headed out once we were ready to go. Mommy and daddy fighting back tears and trying to be strong for our baby girl.

The central line issues and complications have begun. Just another reminder that the battle has begun… AGAIN…

Of course, I left her bag and chargers for my phone and tablet anyways. <<< Story of my life.

Next update: ED and overnight stay story.


One thought on “Port Is Placed And Ready For Treatment. Or So We Thought…

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    This is officially My’isha’s second port placement. She has had numerous broviacs due to complications and breaks, but the one port she had lasted the entire treatment last time. Surgery is never fun and anytime you are dealing with accessing a major artery, especially so close to the heart that distributes blood throughout the body. An infection would have found its gateway to the entire blood supply through the heart. So caution and safety and microbiology is very important in this story. Continue reading for the port placement story. The second part of this ordeal will be following soon. Thank you all again for your support. IF you are able to help financially in any way, please contact us for info. Thank you so much for reading.


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