The Break Up Series

My dad used to say, how he wished we came with a manual. I myself have ran into many situations when I really could have used a step by step, day by day guide.
Well, a good high school friend of mine, Aba Arthur Balwigaire , has put together a book with “practical tools” that will guide you through getting over that ex. Let me introduce to you, “THE 21 DAY EX-BOYFRIEND CLEANSE.”
We have all been through a break-up, good or bad. If you are the kind of person who gives your all when in a relationship, then you know that a break-up can change your heart.

The 21-Day Ex-boyfriend Cleanse... "because breaking up is hard to do"
The 21-Day Ex-boyfriend Cleanse… “because breaking up is hard to do”

I myself have been though my fair share of love, lust, and heart break. I could have used this book a few times, but especially when I left my ex of 5 years and 2 kids. Things had changed. He wasn’t the same, and we were all suffering for it. I had to escape the situation, because a simple break up was out of the question. I had to what was best for the kids and myself.

When I finally left for good, I found myself in another unhealthy relationship. If I would have taken the time to cleanse and heal myself, I would not have been so quick to make a similar mistake. by, Aba Arthur Balwigaire by, Aba Arthur Balwigaire

Aba is on the right track with her books. She focuses on finding yourself and loving yourself. By taking the time to heal and take care of yourself, you are opening yourself up to be a better person for those around you, and available to find love.

I encourage you to get this book and have it on hand. Even if your not going through a break up now, maybe you haven’t fully healed from a past break up. Any young woman who is dating should follow the series, because being a woman is not just about crazy break-ups, it is about being emotional loving creatures of God.

THE 21 DAY EX-BOYFRIEND CLEANSE- Aba Arthur Balwigaire
THE 21 DAY EX-BOYFRIEND CLEANSE- Aba Arthur Balwigaire

Aba’s book, “The 21-day Ex-boyfriend Cleanse” is now available at, GET YOUR COPY TODAY! It will make a great gift as well. We have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Don’t waste it over another break up!

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